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Training rotational athletes to become more powerful

About Bill Miller Training

Bill is a certified strengthen Rishi specialist CSCS based out of Chicago land area. He has trained baseball players and javelin thrower‘s for the past two years with great success. He has a passion for improving throwing and swinging performance and has developed dozens of creative ways to train these qualities. He has trained baseball players from Little League through the professional ranks!

SWING FAST: A Guide To Developing Rotational Power

SWING FAST can help coaches and athletes develop a more powerful swing. The book includes an in-depth look into the scientific background of swinging kinematics as well as assessing and training to make those kinematics more powerful. Lastly, a programs for swinging and strength & conditioning are included to help athletes get on the right track.

This book is an in-depth and strong evaluation into all it takes to rotationally explode. As a college baseball player, I highly recommend this book for workout suggestions and for results.
My son has been following the strength and swing programs for his training and he loves it. In a little under a year bill has helped his exit velocity increase from 96-103 and his mound velocity from 83-92. He’s definitely going to develop more and improve his power on the baseball field! This is a book every athlete should have!

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